Episode 2

Danu: Rise of the Mother, a story by Laura Murphy | S4 Ep2

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Our Story

Laura Murphy returns to KnotWork for the third time with a tale of the Irish goddess Danu that is part creation story and part initiation rite. 

Our Guest

Laura Murphy is a poet, activist and healer from Ireland whose work centers around the ancient Irish poetic practice of Imbas Forosnai. The filí (seer-poets) of pre-Christian Ireland used this practice to bring healing to society and truth to power.

Laura’s Imbas-infused work has been featured in the Abbey Theatre’s critically acclaimed "HOME: Part One," Herstory Light Shows, TG4’s "Imeall" and RTÉ documentary "Finding Brigid."

Laura was the inaugural Poet in Residence at Herstory, the movement illuminating female role-models, she was a key player in the campaign to make Brigid’s Day a national holiday in Ireland. She is an advocate for Mother and Baby Home survivors. 

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Art for this episode, “Danu Rising” by Yuri Leitch of The Ogham Grove.

The Danu Chant at  the end of Laura’s story is written by Jenny Ní Ruiséil; sung & recorded by Melanie Taylor.

Our Conversation

  • Dánu gave her name to the people of the goddess Danu, the Tuatha De Dannan, the most celebrated divine beings, but she is mentioned only a couple of times in Irish mythology. 
  • Our relationship with gnosis and ‘the mystery”: our birthright is to hold the mystery, not to solve the mystery
  • The role of the Grandmothers: in the story, across spiritual traditions, and in Irish society in recent generations
  • The calling to be an elder in midlife
  • What it means to follow your dán: an Irish word that simultaneously means gift, skill, art, poem, soul and destiny
  • When the English language replaced the Irish we lost a poetic way of speaking and expressing that was closer to the mysteries
  • The alignment of stars (the constellation Casseopia), sacred sites, and features of the land (Paps of Anu in Killarney); Laura is inspired about these connections thanks to ideas brought forth by Yuri Leitch.

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Our Music

Music at the start of the show is by Beth Sweeney and Billy Hardy: billyandbeth.com

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