Episode 15

The Cauldron of Inspiration: A Story of Ceridwen & Taliesin | S3 Ep15

Published on: 10th May, 2023

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Our Story

Ceridwen of Wales was a powerful sorceress with a hand for potions and a ferocious amount of mother love. Her magical cauldron was blessed with “awen,” supernatural inspiration and knowledge. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and a woefully ugly son.

Ceridwen decided to whip up a potion to offer her son the gift of beauty and the gift of awen… except things didn’t go as planned!

This story of shapeshifting and rebirth gives us the twice-born hero who would become the great poet-prophet-sage Taliesin.

Also in this episode

This solo episode is sort of Mother’s Day celebration, and it gives us a chance to bring together all the stories and guests who have added their wisdom to the great cauldron this season.

  • The archetypes of the cauldron and the alchemist and why they’re so important when we’re doing creative work. 
  • Mythology and folklore weren’t crafted for mere entertainment. Most often, they were conceived to explain moments of change and disruption.
  • KnotWork Storytelling will be on hiatus until August or September, but stay tuned for a special announcement this summer! Hint: you’ll definitely want to listen in!

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  • “Who has a story, a reflection, a collection of words to add to the cauldron?” That’s the question I ask whenever I gather writers together in a group dedicated to exploring stories and expressing creativity.
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Our Music

Music at the start of the show is by Beth Sweeney and Billy Hardy, a Celtic Fiddle and multi-instrumental duo based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The traditional Irish reel we play at the start of the show is called "The College Groves." billyandbeth.com

Work With Marisa

  • This summer, Marisa will be taking on a handful of new writing coaching clients. If you are an aspiring author, a wellness professional, or a creative entrepreneur who wants to use stories to build your business, set up a free consultation with Marisa. Learn more at writingcoachmarisa.com
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